Vitalograph Copd-6 USB Screening Device

£157 (ex VAT)
(£188.40 inc VAT)
SKU: 4549
The Vitalograph copd-6 is an accurate and cost effective ‘case selection’ or screening device that identifies potential cases of COPD
  • Links to your PC to produce pdf and hard copy colour reports
  • Identifies those at risk of COPD at the pre-symptomatic stage
  • Screens out normal FEV1, without the risk of false negatives
  • Displays the key parameters for clinical interpretation including obstructive index and COPD classification (stage I – IV)
  • Displays FEV1, FEV6, ratio and % predicted, obstructive index, COPD classification and lung age
  • Detachable flowhead makes cleaning simple
  • Built-in quality of blow indicator
  • Designed for multi-subject use

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