Vitalograph Alpha Touch Spirometer with Vitalograph Reports Software

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Easy To Use Spirometer - No PC  Required


The Vitalograph ALPHA is the spirometer of choice for respiratory care professionals around the world due to its ease of use, portability, integral printer and long term reliability

  • Integral thermal printer
  • Durable measurement technology without the need for expensive disposable sensors, turbines, spirettes or flow tubes
  • Optimal hygiene  via bacterial/viral filter (BVF™) barriers
  • No user calibration required
  • Simple and intuitive navigation
  • Built-in interpretation of measurement results
  • Mains or battery powered
  • Includes all parameters for adult and paediatric patients within general healthcare and occupational health.
  • Includes Vitalograph Reports Software with the ability to create editable PDFs
  • Features latest GLI spirometry predicted equations and Z-scores
  • 5 year warranty subject to annual service contract with Vitalograph
  • Optional PC-based Spirotrac software includes the ability to exchange data with EMR systems, please see code number 9846

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