Opsite Plus 9.5 x 8.5cm

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  • Transparent OpSite film
  • Easy application system using a flexible carrier
  • Low adherent absorbent dressing pad
  • Fluid and bacterial barrier

    - Bacterial barrier
  • Protects the site against extrinsic contamination, reducing the risk of infection by bacteria, including MRSA

    - Waterproof film
  • Patient can shower with the dressing in situ

    - Low allergy adhesive
  • A unique grid pattern adhesive minimising the risk of an allergic response

    - Highly absorbent pad
  • Rapidly absorbs serous exudate. Allows lateral spread across the pad to maximise absorbency and reduce the risk of skin maceration

    - Low adherence
  • The wound contact layer enables exudate to pass through to allow minimal trauma on removal

    - Conformable and extensible film
  • Comfortable and non obtrusive for the patient. May help to reduce occurrence of skin blistering in joint surgery

    - Round corners/thin film
  • Reduces occurrence of lifting or snag, helping the dressing to stay in place for longer

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