Huntleigh MD200 Doppler Without Probe

£759 (ex VAT)
(£910.80 inc VAT)
SKU: 5972
  • Excludes probe
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Maxi Dopplex is a desktop rate display Doppler, for both vascular and obstetric use
  • Ideal for, Vascular Assessment Measuring ABPI & Antenatal Screening - perfect for Antenatal non stress testing
  • Bi directional vascular indication and stereo audio
  • Mains and rechargeable battery
  • Storage compartment for gel, probes and cable
  • Full auto correlated FHR display and audio
  • Digital interface for connection to a PC running Dopplex Reporter Software
  • Image shows Maxi Dopplex with 3MHz probe code 5978

Probes available: 2MHz Obstetric Probe code 5977 3MHz Obstetric Probe code 5978 4MHz Vascular Probe code 0982 5MHz Vascular Probe code 0983 8MHz Vascular Probe code 0984 EZ8 8MHz Wide Beam Probe code 0986 10MHz Vascular Probe code 0985

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