CareFusion MicroLab MK8 With Spirometry PC Software

£1,813.90 (ex VAT)
(£2,176.68 inc VAT)
SKU: 7160
  • High definition colour touch-screen, on-screen graphical child incentive devices
  • Fast on-screen texual entry enabling comments and report writing
  • 41 inspiratory and expiratory indices measurable
  • Large 2000 patient test memory
  • Optional Spirometry PC Software - SPCS
  • Internationally recognised on=screen test quality assurance prompts, e.g. slow start, abrupt end etc. ensuring quality test results
  • Numerous predicted values and languages selectable
  • 'Lung Age' assessment and textual result interpretation by ATS, BTS-NICE or Enright
  • Body Mass Index and Dyspnoea Score
  • Bronchodilator and/or Steroid assessment
  • Supplied complete with all accessories, Spirometry PC Software in a sturdy carrying case
  • Dimensions: 25.5H x 12W x 3.5D cm Transducer 5H x 6W x 9D cm

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