Breathe Happy 'The 98' Reusable Face Mask Kit with Type IIR Filters

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The very latest innovation in mask technology that offers the highest filtration. It has a type IIR replaceable filter system that does not come into contact with your face.

Features a comfortable high-grade silicone mask and a separate filter assembly. The mask fits snugly to your face and won’t cause glasses to fog up.

The breathe happy filters offer fantastic value for money as just 1 filter is equivalent to 7 disposable paper masks, simply change disposable filters every 7 days. 

  • Provides ≥98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) in accordance with EN:14683:2019 and have been certified as ≥98% Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE)
  • Washable silicone mask with a 2-year lifespan 
  • Available replaceable filters, click here
  • Dimensions: 10 × 14.5 × 5 cm
  • Suitable for kids approx. 8 years old and adults
  • Suitable to wear in salons, clinics and everyday life
  • Works perfectly well with a beard
  • Does not steam up glasses, sunglasses 
  • Meets EN14683:2019 Type II R standards

The box contains:

  • 1 x Silicone Mask
  • 5 x 7 Day  type II R Filters
  • 1 x Protective Pouch

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